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Parking Lot Paving Options In St. Petersburg, Florida

Aug 17

Regarding parking lot paving, businesses have several options in St. Petersburg, FL. Many paving systems exist, such as permeable pavement, sealcoating, and thermoplastic markings in St. Petersburg. Here is an overview of the different options:

Cost Of Parking Lot Paving

When you need to Parking Lot Paving St. Petersburg, there are several options. The most common material is asphalt, which is relatively inexpensive and quick to install. If you don't have the money to purchase a new asphalt surface, you can resurface your current parking area with another layer of asphalt for about the same price. This process involves laying a 2-inch overlay over the existing surface, but some bad lot conditions will require a deeper layer. The amount you pay will depend on the material you choose and the contractor you hire. The typical cost of the parking lot paving in St. Petersburg, Florida, can range from $1.50 to $4.00 per square foot.

You can also choose to use a Commercial Paving Contractor St. Petersburg. These companies can handle residential and commercial parking lots. It's important to choose a company that handles your asphalt paving needs. Parking lots should last for twenty years. A professional Paving Company St. Petersburg will provide you with a free estimate.

Permeable Paving System Options

One of the best ways to ensure your parking lot is water-permeable is to choose a porous paving system. Permeable pavers are a great way to hydrate a parking lot and prevent weed growth. This paving system can also serve as a great alternative to mulch. It is durable and maintenance-free, and it encourages the healthy growth of trees.

Another great way to install permeable paving is to create temporary staging areas for heavy equipment or vehicles. In these situations, using permeable pavers can make the surface more durable while preventing damage caused by heavy vehicles. These paved areas can be covered with gravel to make a temporary road but can be removed once the construction is complete. This way, you can save money by not having to replace the pavement yearly. Call our Asphalt Contractor St. Petersburg!

Asphalt Sealcoating

Regular maintenance of paved parking lots can extend the life of asphalt pavements by 20 years or more. Sealcoating can be applied to asphalt surfaces with different methods and mixes. This process can protect asphalt from sun damage, oxidation, and water penetration. Sealcoating also protects paved surfaces from petroleum spills. In addition, it can enhance your property's curb appeal, including listing photos.

Asphalt resurfacing involves several steps, including cleaning the asphalt before applying a sealer. A thin overlay can crack and settle, so it is essential to fill low areas. The application of a tac coat is essential to ensure the new overlay adheres well to the black-top layer. This tac coat should be applied liberally to ensure the integrity of the new overlay. Once the sealant has been applied, the parking lot is ready for striping.

Preformed Thermoplastic Markings

If you're looking to improve the look of your parking lot, consider installing a thermoplastic pavement marking. These markings are durable, flexible, and extremely visible. They are most commonly used for parking lots, highways, office parks, shopping centers, campuses, and other facilities. Thermoplastic pavement markings are available in standard FHWA designs that comply with MUTCD requirements.

Originally, thermoplastic was only available in granular or pelletized form, which required melting before pouring onto the pavement. This process is time-consuming and expensive, and the equipment required to apply it can cost upwards of $100,000. In addition to the expensive equipment required to install thermoplastic, stencils are also needed to create the lettering. With the advancement of thermoplastic, this process has become easier and cheaper. Contact our Paving Contractor St. Petersburg today!

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