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Fort Scratchley

Jul 20

About Fort Scratchley

Journey through time on guided tours at Fort Scratchley! Our knowledgeable Historical Society Volunteers tell the story of this unique site, including Tunnel Tours for a distinctive view. Explore every detail in comfort with 90 minutes available to experience each tour - just make sure you book your timeslot between 10:30 am and 2:30 pm daily. Unfortunately, due to its design features, wheelchair access is unfortunately not possible.

Step into a captivating story at Fort Scratchley, where Newcastle's past comes alive. Marvel at the headland's majestic height, providing a remarkable vantage point used by native inhabitants for centuries. Witness the abundant coal resources at its foundation, a testament to the region's natural wealth. Join us in unravelling the tales of the land's earliest days, personified in Fort Scratchley's remarkable landscape.


What to do at Fort Scratchley

Discover the intriguing world of Fort Scratchley - the perfect destination for history buffs, families, and tourists seeking an enriching, educational experience in the heart of Newcastle. Delve into Australia's World War II history through engaging activities such as tunnel tours, gun firings, concerts, and commemorations on Australia Day and ANZAC Day. Catering to the primary school curriculum, a visit to Fort Scratchley will leave students with an immersive understanding of the impact of the war on Newcastle. Encounter the passion and dedication of the Fort Scratchley Historical Society's volunteers as they lead fascinating group tours through time.

Venture into Fort Scratchley's captivating Museum Rooms and unravel the secrets of its rich and diverse past. Our dedicated Fort Scratchley Historical Society has meticulously curated five public galleries, guiding you through the Fort's intriguing milestones. Immerse yourself in the pre-Fort era with the Awabakal people, explore Australia's first coal mine, retrace pre-WWI significance, feel the Novocastrian presence in WWI, and uncover the Fort's pivotal role in shielding Australia's shores during WWII. Embark on this enthralling journey at no cost and experience the essence of Fort Scratchley's fascinating history.

Fort Scratchley

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